Hospitality venues will need to innovate to attract the cliental back to their venues after lock-down. Here is a solution.

Hospitality venues will need to innovate to attract the cliental back to their venues after lock-down. Here is a solution.

The COVID-19 Pandemic continues to change the way we work and interact with our fellow tribemates. Even the way we meet new people is changing. Restaurants, bars, and nightclubs will need to adapt or close their doors due to loss of revenue if they do not find a new way to attract business to their venues when social distancing rules limit capacity and mingling with strangers is discouraged.

Waiting for the pandemic to end is no longer an option as it looks more and more like we will be living under some form of social guidelines that will make it difficult to meet someone new when you are out in public. How can hospitality venues generate new revenue streams while sticking to social distancing guidelines? We already have a solution in our hands that can help you expand your tribe safely and give hospitality venues a potential new revenue stream with the Overhere App.

Over Here is a social app that allows you and your friends to find others near your geographical location and start getting to know each other while remaining socially distant. Nightclubs and festivals can use Overhere App to promote events and specials and entice groups and individuals as they get closer to their venue.

Finding a New Social Solution in a Pandemic Society

People go out to socialize with their friends but also to see and be seen by others. Single or not, we crave attention from others, and the more attention we get, the better we feel. There was nothing better than working all week and then hitting your favorite bar or nightclub with your mates for a few drinks and mix and mingle with others.

Today, you can still go out with your friends for a drink after a long week, but now you are limited to just your table and can’t walk over and strike up a conversation with someone new without breaking the rules. There will be less reason for you to stay there when the only thing keeping you there is the expensive drinks.

Bars, nightclubs, and festivals will need to find a new way to attract new customers and keep them coming back while pandemic restrictions limit capacity and socializing.

A Better Way to Reach Capacity

With pandemic restrictions for bars and restaurants in place, keeping your tables full and your waitstaff busy can be challenging. Your large tables that used to be a great mingling opportunity are limited to only a few people at a time unless you can fill it with one group.

With Overhere App, you can alert groups near your venue as they get closer to available seating that matches their group size, allowing you to fill your venue more efficiently. You can also alert them to queue times, drink specials, and more.

If You Advertise it, They Will Come

Suppose you and your friends are hanging out at the beach, and thoughts start turning to what to do now that the sun is going down. An alert comes up on your phone through Overhere App:

Tables are available for groups of 5, 8, and 10. Book your table now!
Buy one get one drink offer starts in ten minutes
local artist name:: performing tonight

With the Overhere App social app, you can alert potential customers near your venue to what’s happening and entice them with drink and food specials that are only available through Over Here. When you use the Over Here social app to promote your venue or events, you can potentially increase your revenue stream up to 10%.

A Better Way to Find Social Events and Expand Your Tribe

It’s Saturday afternoon, and you and your mates are ready to hit the town and have some fun. Instead of spending time looking online for something to do, you can drive toward the city and use the Over Here social app to alert you to events and happenings that are near you:

Lady’s night at Club Name in 3km
$5 drink specials at Name of Festival in 4km
Open tables for your group size at Name of Restuarant in 2km

Another alert tells you another individual or group that you are friendly with is near you as well. You tell them your plans based on the alerts from Over Here and book your table.

To Help Promote Your Club, Bar, or Festival, Over Here Can Increase and Enhance Your Revenue Stream

If your restaurant, nightclub, bar, or other social event is struggling to generate new revenue during the pandemic and want to find a new way to bring your old customers back and draw in new customers, Overhere can help you increase your revenue. Through our social app, you can alert groups near your venue with available seating and drink and food specials so you can fill your big tables with groups instead of one or two people.

Adhering to the pandemic restrictions can be difficult for your business. If you adapt to the situation and find new ways to generate revenue, and remain socially aware, you are leading the way in adapting to change and showing that we can adapt and thrive no matter what happens. Overhere App can help you build new revenue streams, show that you are willing to adapt to a new normal, and give people a safe place to socialize and expand their tribes.