Success, happiness and even resilience have been linked to the quality of our friends.
Overhere’s Mission is to allow people to:

“Grow your Tribe and Thrive”


The Problems

There are considerable barriers to physically connecting with other people in person.

  • 84% Approach anxiety / Fear of Reject + knowing the person


Hospitality venues have been considerably impacted by Covid-19.

  • Revenue decline by 16.7% in 2020


The Online Dating Industry is flawed
  • 51% women believed that online dating did not lead to healthier or safer relationships
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Benefit to Users

  • designed to overcome fear of rejection / approach anxiety
    • “dutch courage” not required
  • finding people in your local area / venue or event
  • knowing something about the group and the people before saying hi
    • no more cheesy “pickup” lines
  • connecting with others while having fun with friends
  • no friends in the area, no problems
    • “fly solo” and connect with other groups while doing life


Provide a Just-in-Time / Real-Time Marketing platform for Venues

OverHere can provide a “real-time marketing” solution to groups in the venues immediate area. Pulling groups of people into venues at the perfect time to maximise occupation of the venue and providing a competitive edge.

While this app is not restricted to venues, it can provide venues with a free tool to entertain their guests and paid marketing prior too, during and after event.


Disrupt the $3.5T Online Dating Industry

Could you imaging going out with a friend and for them to be on their phone. How rude!

The preferred method to meet an intimate partner is through friends
Group chat allows everyone to be involved during a social event
80.5% surveyed said they were always looking to expand their group of friends

Over Here App features to help users connect socially


Business Model


Freemium with an upgrade to desirable features which is easily financially justifiable when compared to other forms of group entertainment.
  • Revenue in the Online Dating segment is projected to reach AU$50m and $3.5T Australia and Globally.
  • 95% said that they spend more than $5 on entertainment everytime they go out with the majority spending $30-50 ($43%). Majority of people surveyed would socialise with friends at least weekly 65.9%
  • We are anticipating that OverHere will achieve 10% market penetration in Australian in the first 5 years, achieving a $5M revenue by FY2026/2027.
  • Bumble was valued at $1B in 2017 after 3 Years of operation. $66.15M Profit in 2019


Our real-time advertising and our ability to attract groups of people to venues, will be a game changer. Initially, this functionality will be provided to venues for free to all for market research, in exchange for venues to marketing this app.

The bars, clubs, nightclubs, festivals and resorts sectors

  • annual revenue of $15B and $3Tin Australia and globally
  • forecast reduction by 16.7% in 2020-2021
  • marketing spend for venues to be in line with Australian averages of 12-20% of revenue
  • $1.8bn and 36bn opportunity of which a 10% market penetration could be anticipated by FY2026/27 ($18M and $36M})

The Marketing Plan

JV / sponsorship with venue and events

Demonstrate value to the event organiser / venue owner and the user of the App.

  • Discount / free items for incentive to sign in to the app

Advertising through events will be supported through

  • Influencer marketing; and
  • Social Media Advertising

Event / Venue marketing aim is <2000 people

  • Targeting organisation with multiple venues
  • Targeting events that occur over multiple days
  • Targeting Resorts that are already know for being social


Over Here App features to help users connect socially

Our Traction

Achievements: Moving Forward Confidently

  • App submitted to the Appstore pending approval
  • Trademark ”Overhere” submitted and waiting approval
  • Overhere PTY LTD Established
  • JV confirmed with Dashville (NSW Music Festival Operator)
  • Active search for JV partners to support the launch of the App

“When you hand good people possibilities, they do great things” - Biz Stone

Michael Dunnett

Business Advisor CFO

Clint Seares


Jacinta Outlaw

Business Advisor Commercial

Isaac Feeney

Business Advisor CTO

Sarah Ryan

Business Advisor End User

Paul Fellowes

Business Advisor Innovation


Let's make a difference

Our app will be the tool used for groups to connect; expanding existing friendships or networks. With our strength derived from the strength of our social connections, OverHere will be the game changer for people both professionally and personally.

We are looking to raise $250K to fund patent protection, further app enhancements and marketing in exchange for 20% equity in the business.

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